Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ducky Love.

This week has been pretty consistently rainy and cool. It seems that April had some sort of identity crisis and as a result, May has stepped up and brought with it both showers and flowers. Not that I didn't enjoy all the sunshine that April brought - but it's just not really April's deal. April showers, May flowers. And while were on the subject, I'd like to point out that March sort of flaked out on the whole lion-lamb program too. I think Mother Nature is getting really sick and the seasons are exhibiting some major symptoms. Good thing we got that whole oil spill thing cleaned up real quick... oh wait. Okay, I'm done - this wasn't supposed to be a rant. This was going to be a happy post. How did I end up on this negative tangent?

Ducks. This post was supposed to be about ducks. Mallards to be specific. So, like I was saying - this week has been very rainy and cool. I actually really like rainy days. There is something very serene about them. It's cool, quiet and everything seems just a bit calmer. Plus, I love jackets. While many women obsess over shoes and bags, I fill my closets with jackets. There. Now you know. Ducks don't have to wear jackets though. They have water-proof feathers. They do this little shimmy-shake dance and the water just flies right off. They must like the rain - or for some reason, I notice them more when it's raining. Or, it could just be that it rains a lot in the spring and that is when they are out and about doing their little ducky thing and being all flirtatious and bright. Whatever the reason, watching the boy ducks waddle behind the girl ducks through the rain just adds to the charm and comfort of a rainy day. They are just so cute. It's fun to daydream about a ducky romance between two mallards waddling through the rain with their goofy webbed feet and wide bills. At the very least, it keeps my mind off of oil spills and erratic weather patterns.