Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I couldn't care less about what celebrities are up to, but keeping up to speed with the lives of the rich and famous is pretty much unavoidable. Between the nightly news and every single grocery/convenience store checkout line, I remain way more informed than I care to be. However, I just stumbled upon a celebrity and fashion website/blog that I am very much enjoying. It's called "Go Fug Yourself" and it highlights some of the "fugliest" celebrity fashion choices. It's sort of a guilty pleasure- kind of like going to the state fair and people watching. I hate to admit that I get so much pleasure out of seeing people make themselves bad... but, not enough to actually stop me from admitting it I guess. It cracks me up -


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happiness Found in a Weekly Planner

My life is almost complete with my new Papaya weekly planner. Who knew a planner could bring a person so much happiness!? I will never again buy a planner from anywhere else! It is everything I hoped for and more... I know, weird that I am so obsessed with it... but, it is gorgeous, filled with beautiful art, seasonally appropriate, arranged a week at a time, includes mini file folder, and it fits in my purse - not to mention I am obsessed with books, lists, and staying organized.

I highly recommend this site...

Ready, Hike!

Yeah for dogsledding! We had a wonderful time up in Ely and, as predicted, I now have an incredible urge to go and buy a puppy. First I guess I'll have to go find a new place to live...hmmm. Anyway - I highly recommend getting signed up for a Wintergreen dogsledding adventure! It was great :)