Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Artist Kristina Lewis

Today's "Artist-a-day" on my google homepage is Kristina Lewis. I really like her sculptures and they are all made from every-day objects. They remind me of microorganisms and sea life and are so delicately beautiful. The link to the site featuring her work is below. I am also pasting the artist's statement...

"Wielded by our hands in daily tasks, utilitarian objects become extensions of our bodies, prosthetics in the service of our desires. Because they can’t act on their own, we fold, compress, hide and stack them. We economize, and then use them unconsciously. If objects are generally used as a way of extending my body into the world, how would they act without my constant imposition on them? Once separate from my body, how would they extend themselves? To begin this inquiry, I deactivate the use-value link that makes objects into tools for me. Once stripped of their “usefulness,” I ask, “how do these objects or materials grow, now that they have lost their original function?” I imagine that the resulting components have their own bodies and through accumulation are intent upon working together to grow an even larger body. As in nature, where specific mathematical principles provide structure while allowing countless variations, I create strict boundaries that insure a pattern, but within which the outcome is ultimately unknown. Through this process, I suspend my everyday experience with inanimate things in order to study the possibility of their animation. "

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