Monday, March 9, 2009

USCSA National Championships

Well, this time I went to Nationals as a spectator instead of as a participant - so much less stressful! The snow in Colorado was sub-par to say the least, with about a weeks worth of melted and refrozen crusty stuff covering pretty much all of Winter Park. For us Midwesterners, however, it felt like the norm and actually kind soft at times. No tree skiing though. Crust on fluff = not fun. Kale was very surprised to see me and did a bit of a double take when I skied up next to him. He skied really well in the GS. I didn't know he could go that fast! We won't talk about the slalom, except to say that the course took out a large chunk of the field - boo. Overall it was a great trip and it felt so good to be in the mountains, hanging out with ski racers. That's my natural habitat :)

Check out the results >

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