Thursday, July 9, 2009

I appreciate recycling but...

...some trends should not be reused. What is it about fashion that keeps things cycling? In my 24 years of life, it seems that new trends are always just old trends that have come back again. When my mom was growing up, did new trends reflect those of years past? Or did Grandma relish the opportunity to pick through Great Grandma's old "vintage" treasures so she could go out on the town in a stylin' immigrant dress looking like a FOB swede? I just don't think so.

Never did I think the 80's would have a chance at a comeback. Some things that I've noticed I can honestly say, I don't mind. Ray-bans, for instance, have always evoked "cool" to me. Recently, however, I went past the American Apparel store near my apartment, and was shocked. Some things should just stay in the past. So now I defer to images, since words will just not do...Bodacious?

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  1. I have those splatter-painted ones. So hot.