Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall things and lost children

I had the pleasure of spending my Saturday afternoon at Gilbertson Farm in Scandia, MN with my good friend Carol Gilbertson. Despite the cool cloudiness, I really had a great time. There, were lots of animals to see, crazy hair and face painting, rubber duck races, caramel apple sundaes, a GIANT corn maze, and the Teddy Bear Band was there to pay for an enthusiastic crowd of crazy kids. It was very cute. Carol and I braved the corn maze with a group of five little kids and, not surprisingly, ended up losing one. It turns out that trying to wrangle five small children in a giant corn maze, is pretty much impossible. Carol didn't seem too worried and, thankfully, he found another family in the maze and "helped show them the way." He was a very confident and self-reliant four-year-old... thank God.

I brought home a perfect pumpkin from the patch and am in the process of deciding how to carve it. These are some of may favorite pumpkin ideas that I've found so far...


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