Monday, April 26, 2010

Educational Television

When I was very young, my Dad and I liked to watch certain shows together. When I say young, I mean we have photographic evidence of my early fixation with MacGyver at the ripe age of about 4 months. That's right people, forget the Baby Einstein - that stuff can't teach a kid to disarm a missile with a paper clip or make a fishing lure from a gum wrapper! I actually have a poster signed by one of the producers. What can I say? I was a HUGE fan - and really, what toddler doesn't love Richard Dean Anderson?  I still have a scar on my finger from when I was pretending to be Macgyver and closed my Dad's Swiss Army knife on my finger in the fourth grade. Luckily,  Macgyver also taught be how to elevate and apply pressure...

Although Macgyver was my main obsession, we also watched a lot of Mash, Night Court, Cheers and for a while, China Beach. That's normal t.v. for a little kid, right? I don't remember much about China Beach besides the intro and the fact that I LOVED the theme song. It was a "We Gotta Get Outta This Place," by the Animals. I remember singing along and, oddly enough, I also remember thinking about how the lyrics described the Vietnam War. Yeah, that's right people, lemme see your Baby Einstein get your kid to conceptualize that business! China Beach went of the air in 1991, according to IMDB, which means I was tossing around those deep thoughts before age 8! I know, right - completely non-intuitive parenting strategies, but go ahead and be impressed, you know you are.

So, anyway today I was humming this song to myself at work and it just took everything in me not to sing the chorus out loud... unfortunately, there was never an episode where Macgyver gets his way out of doing data entry with only my scotch tape and bic pen...

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