Friday, June 19, 2009

Third Bike's a Charm

Meet my new bike. While perusing the art fair and downtown Excelsior last weekend I ran into this fantastic old Schwinn. I went in and tried to bargain, but they wouldn't go any lower than 90 bucks - yikes. The tires and tubes need to be replaced and with the recent purchase of a wheel and a kiln that will be requiring my attention, I had to walk away. I couldn't leave without taking a picture though. I also walked by one last time on the way home :(

I fail to mention that I already have two bikes that I store in our tiny little apartment garage stall - oh, and that Jake also has three bikes and is shopping for a forth. So, this is definitely a want and not a need. I realize this - but this gem was just so charming. I'm not a hoarder - I promise.

I got home and I just couldn't stop thinking about it...

The chrome is still gleaming, the handle bars grips are glittery, the seat is has more personality than some people I know, the basket is just like the one I used to ride in with my Dad when I was really young and it's GREEN! An amazing shade of green... have I mentioned that I LOVE GREEN... yeah. So, I emailed and expressed to the shop owner that I just had to have it, but I couldn't pay that much and then you know what happened!?!! She replied and said she would sell it to me for the price I named! High fives for persistence.

So tonight I pick up my dream bike.
Glorious :)


  1. That's SO cool!!!! I am a bit jealous right now, I have to admit. LUCKY!!!!!

  2. Oh! And I have to say that's a really nice photo...if you send it to me I would frame it:)