Wednesday, January 20, 2010

As if we should need an incentive...

I just donated to the Real Hope For Haiti Rescue Center and got a cute little key fob in the process. I had intended to donate somewhere, but I just didn't know where I wanted to send my money. I stumbled on this blog Pitter Patter Art, via One Pretty Thing, and just decided that they deserved my help. I have no real way of verifying that this is legit, aside from the seemingly genuine efforts of this one crafty lady to entice more people to support this cause. I have read the blog, checked out the sites, and realized that I had to do something. I don't know how any informed person could sit back and do nothing. The devastation is unreal. So, if you want a cute little handmade key fob (and who really scams people while sending them hand sewn key fobs!?!) then check out this blog and donate! If you don't want one, then find another venue for helping out, because they need help people. Real bad.

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