Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Chuck "e" Cheese Band

So, I recently got the MGMT album Oracular Spactacular, which I really like. I was checking them out online today (since we randomly have a wireless signal today), and while watching one of their videos I was totally shocked to see the Chuck-e Cheese band. Yes, the animatronic band that entertained/frightened children while they ate pizza. I remember standing at the edge of the stage waiting for the curtains to open and then just standing there and staring at the strange robotic creatures on the stage. There was the very intimidating gorilla on the keyboard, the weird floppy-eared dog, the stupid snaggle-toothed bear that sometimes did duets with that thing that popped out of the oil barrel and that creepy polar bear who just didn't quiet fit in. I don't think I have seen them since I was about ten years old, but as soon as I did, I knew exactly what they were. I must have celebrated at least three of my birthdays at Chuck-e Cheese's, not to mention the parties for my brother, cousins, neighbors and friends. Sort of a strange thing to get excited about, but I was so surprised to see it. I guess the Chuck-e Cheese band made quite an impression on my younger self. Weird.

Here's the Video

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