Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stealing Ideas from Etsy...

I have found my next projects. I am posting this so that I actually do them. Part of me feels a tad guilty about stealing other peoples creative ideas instead of purchasing their original creations and supporting a fellow artist... but only a tad guilty. Making it yourself is so much for fun, plus way cheaper.

Love this leather leaf necklace. Seriously, how hard can this be?

Kind of like the scarfy necklace, but a little less scarfy and a lot more necklace. Something about cutting up and reusing old t-shirts is just so satisfying.

This one is not actually an idea I stole from Etsy. While at a friend's cabin a few weeks ago, I discovered the unbelievable cozyness of fur. Faux fur actually. I couldn't possibly sleep under a blanket of real fur. The idea of using a poor dead animals skin for warmth sort of sickens me. I don't really even like the way fur looks. It's all hairy and dead looking.

Despite my aversion to fur, however, my experience sleeping under one of my friend's faux fur throws was one of the most comfortable sleeping experiences of my life. The experience has since motivated me to create my own extremely cozy faux-fur hibernation blanket. I will probably line one side with fleece or something else, otherwise I can see myself getting freaked out by the pile of fur on the couch. I have been somewhat converted to fur though (for blankets at least), and let me tell you, once you experience it, you probably will be too ;)

I leave you with one final warning though ... be careful where you get your "faux fur" from...


  1. kate i am so technically-unsavvy. can you please teach me how to make links that are words to click on? no hurries, i have all the time in the world these days...

  2. When you are composing a post, just highlight the words that you want to be a part of the link. While they are highlighted, click on the little icon in your tools that looks like a chain link sitting on top of a little globe. I think it's supposed to be a very literal visual representation for "link to a place on the world wide web." Then a little box will pop up where you will type or paste the address you wish to link to. I recommend that before you create a link, first go and copy the address of the page you want to link to. Easy Peasy.