Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scarfy Necklace

I have been seeing these scarfy necklace things all over. I like them a lot. It's like a necklace... that is cozy. What could be better? "Necklush" sells them on Etsy for like $60. I will not pay that much for a cut up t-shirt, so I decided to try and make my own. I think I will probably start "upcycling" some old t-shirts and make more, but to start, I just used some clearance fabric from JoAnn's. The beauty of the t-shirt is that if you cut the shirt all the way around, you don't have any ends to tie and you can just tie all those loops together. I also like the idea of adding chains or beads. Just a bit snazzier.

1. Get some jersey knit fabric - i.e. t-shirt fabric, or better yet just get a t-shirt (large=bigger loops)
2. Cut the fabric into narrow strips with a sharp scissors.
3. Tie them up
4. Be cozy in your neat scarfy necklace that is not quite a necklace and not completely a scarf.

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