Thursday, August 20, 2009

Did you know!?!?!?!

ornadoes are natures most violent storms.

The average lifespan of a tornado is less than 15 minutes.

One time, a chicken house, sixteen by sixteen feet in area, was picked up by a tornado and ended up wedged between two trees. The hens were found the next day sitting on their eggs in the chicken house, with no windows broken, as though nothing had happened.

Yesterday afternoon, there was a tornado near downtown Minneapolis!

Jake got stuck on 35W because it was flooding and was then diverted to 35th Street, only to have to weave between the trees that littered the road. Despite the circumstances, he was still concerned about being late for work. Sheesh. What a goodie-goodie.

Moments later, Minneapolis became a top trending topic on Twitter (say that 3 times fast!)

Minneapolis had been a top trending topic on Twitter several days before because some dude decided to play for the Vickings. I'm sick of hearing his name, so I will refrain from writing it.

That one guy in my collage is a friend of Jake's who works at the Electric Fetus and hooked us up with concert tickets.

The Electric Fetus closed yesterday after the tornado smashed the windows and damaged the roof.

The wicked witch was spotted flying on a bicycle over Portland Avenue... actually that is false... I lie...

This StarTrib article has some great pictures, some of which I stole to make this beautiful collage.

I may start referring to Jake as "the tornado" since he, too, can plow through glass bus stops, shattering them to pieces.

If you double-click on the picture, it will get bigger and you can check out the details of the destruction :)

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