Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Roundup

Often times, when I am attempting to study, I find the intense urge to complete tasks that are completely unnecessary at the time. For instance, when there is a big assignment on the horizon, my apartment suddenly becomes very, very clean. I had a big astronomy test yesterday, therefore, I spent much of my study time on Sunday collecting items for a fall "roundup." I love "roundups" and thanks to Monday's test, I finally made my own.

I am also happy to report that I also aced the test :)

Owl mug on Etsy - perfect for chai tea lattes
Orange Ginger hand lotion - a warm, clean scent - perfect for fall
Chili! One of my all-time favorite meals...yum :)
Feather earrings from Etsy - the guy who makes these also ties and sells lures for fly fishing
Scarves - sort of like an adult security blankets for your neck, plus it's fashionable
Freya Art print - to me, fall is fresh and full of adventure
Sweater shrug on Etsy - mmmmmmm...sweaters...


  1. My husband has the same approach to studying. Or anything I need him to do. I might say, "Nate, can you please make sure the house gets vacuumed today? I especially need you to get the bathroom so I can clean it when I get home." I will come home, and everything BUT the bathroom will be vacuumed, but he will have raked the entire yard or painted a door or scrubbed his grill. Deelightful.

    I love that shrug, you would look so cute in that!

  2. Oh dude, I hear you. Whenever I've got a big project soming due, all of a sudden cleaning becomes very, very important. As does skyping. And pedicuring. :)