Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The rap song about me and ski team memories...

Kanye West is now famous for his bad hair and prowess in ruining the moment, but whenever I hear his music, I think about driving up Parley's Canyon and Ali cranking up the music to wake us all up as we prepared for a day of training on the awesome Olympic runs at Park City. Definitely something you needed to be awake for. It was a wet-your-pants, cheek flapping, heart pumping, snot-in-your-hair amazing good time.

I also remember that this particualr training trip was when I discovered that Kanye was singing about me, Kate Westby, in his Touch the Sky song. I kid you not. Let the video load, turn it up, and then start played it at 1:58 and listen for "Kate Westby!"

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