Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day at Mrs. Havisham's

No - that's not Mrs. Havisham. That's my Grandma.

This year we celebrated Mother's Day at the Dodge Mansion, where my cousin Prinna and her family are living and taking care of the late Mrs. Dodge's 4 cats as ordered in her will...

As strange as that sounds - I can assure you, it's actually stranger. It was all very reminiscent of Great Expectations. I can't even really begin to describe the experience, but I will share this picture of one of the highlights of the whole experience. The photo is of my 91-year-old Grandma riding up the stair on the, um... electric stair-chair, ride thing. It was a event I will not soon forget. I also probably won't forget my Grandma expressing her anger and disgust toward Clinton Kelly for telling people what not to wear, the cards stuck to the ceiling by the magician, the smell of the library where the cats live, The piles of random stuff everywhere, the story of the bubble boy living next door that hasn't left the house in 15 years and my cousin's daughter Annabelle (I think she's 3) showing me the bed where Mrs. Dodge died - twice.

My family has the most interesting experiences and stories. I love it. My cousin Prinna is writing a book. Not sure how she'll fit it all into one book - she may have to start a series :)

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