Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update on the New Wheel

I hauled 50lbs of stoneware clay home from the store last night, bought a new pack of tools, went to Home Depot for a 5 gal clay-storage bucket, fashioned a water pail for the pan drain, chose a sacrificial throwing towel and was ready to go. I sat down, turned on the wheel, wet my sponge and started to wipe down the wheel. It stopped. There must have been a look of horror and dread on my face because Jake practically sprinted over when I said "Uh oh..." Turns out there's just a bolt missing that tightens the wheel to the part that spins. I don't know the technical terms, but we figured it out without too much detective work. So, hopefully an easy fix - but definitely made my stomach drop for a couple seconds. Jake was quick to calm me and told me "not to fret" - which was probably good because I was on my way to doing more than just "fretting". I am keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have a newly installed bolt and some happy action shots to post soon!

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