Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Strikes, Gutters and Pasties...

Over the Memoral Day weekend I found myself in one of those situations where you suddenly stop and think to yourself, "How did I end up here!?" Jake and I decided to check out the Memory Lanes Block Party which is just a couple blocks from where he works. We arrived around 9:30 in the evening and enjoyed the warm summery air, some live outdoor hip-hop, some spectacular people watching. The place was saturated with hipster-doofus', leather, tatoos and crazy hair-dos. As the evening progressed, the show moved indoors to the bowling alley- literally... the stage was in the middle of the lanes. This is nothing new. Every weekend they feature a band that plays on a stage right there on the center lanes the open lanes are transformed into a glow-in-the-dark, bowling/light show experience, which is a blast - I recommend it.

On this particular evening, however, the musical lineup included a burlesque show complete with song, dance, and strip tease - as in, ladies were lip-sinking/dancing to music while removing the elaborate costumes that corresponded to the theme of the song... i.e. teachers pet, some western tune, a song about baking, ect. By the end of each bit they were down to their barely-there undies and pasties that usually also went with the theme... i.e. sequined apples, fringe tassels and cupcakes... complete with lit birthday candles... no... I am not embellishing... The grand finale was a 3D sillhouette striptease... that's right, we were wearing 3D glasses watching the blue and red shadow sillouettes of a lady stripping behind a sheet strung up on a stage in the middle of lanes 10, 11 and 12... that's when I paused to ask myself the question "How did I end up here again? I'm watching a 3D strip tease in the middle of a bowling alley... People are still bowling on the open lanes... What!?!?" We did not pay a cover. For some reason that makes me feel a little better about it?

Actually (I can't believe I'm saying this) it was a pretty good show. Very entertaining, and the girls were actually really good at, um... singing... amongst other things... I left with a fresh feeling of confidence and a healthy sense of being a lot more comfortable with my body. Don't get any ideas though. Despite Jake's encouragement, I will not be applying for a job with Le Cirque Rouge.

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